Student Health Advisory Council

Members of Rensselaer's Student Health Advisory Council, or SHAC, help foster a strong relationship with the general student body, and will assist in improving the Student Health Center’s services.

The Council often seeks new members for each school year, so any students who are interested in becoming part of something larger than themselves are encouraged to contact Health Educator Lauryn Maleski (

Carlton Berthold

Carlton Berthold, SHAC Member

Carlton Berthold is a 2nd-year student studying psychological science and public health. Outside of his work with SHAC, Carlton is a volunteer EMT and an amateur martial artist. Carlton is passionate about expanding access to healthcare and was awarded the President’s Volunteer Services Award for his work supporting COVID-19 response efforts in New Jersey and Colorado.

Isabelle McCall

Isabelle McCall, SHAC Member

Isabelle is a freshman majoring in neuroscience and is planning to minor in public health with goals of going into a master’s program and then medical research. She’s originally from Colorado and enjoys playing soccer, reading, and playing the cello. Isabelle’s passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and ensuring students have easy access to any mental health resources they might need during their college careers.

Anika Sharma

Anika Sharma, SHAC Member

Anika Sharma is a second year biology major in the accelerated physician scientist program and a second year member of SHAC. Anika is super passionate about mental health and has previous experience working at a crisis line and is part of RPI’s NAMI and Active Minds clubs. She’s also interested in food accessibility and created an organization focused on easy recipes and resources to combat food insecurity. When she’s not working on that, she likes to read, play the French Horn, and watch movies. If you have any questions about student health services or just need someone to talk to, feel free to flag Anika down on campus or reach out to her via social media!

Savdiel Ducret

Savdiel Ducret, SHAC Member

Savdiel Ducret is a 2nd-year Biotechnology and Health Economics major with hopes of minoring in Ecology. He is a proud Puerto Rican who enjoys playing sports, reading, and spending time outside. He is very passionate about physical and mental wellness with aspirations of having a career in the medical field. He firmly believes that movement is medicine and essential to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Elizabeth Edelblute

Elizabeth Edelblute, SHAC Member

Along with the Student Health Advisory Council, Elizabeth is the Vice President of Active Minds and a Facilitator with NAMI Peer Support Groups. Once she graduates, Elizabeth hopes to use her degree to go into mental health-related drug research. For fun, she enjoys reading, playing video games, and tabletop role-playing games.

Joseph El Bachour

Joseph El Bachour, SHAC Member

Joseph is a graduate student pursuing a M. Eng in Biomedical Engineering. He is Fulbright Grantee from Lebanon, where he is currently pursuing an MD in hopes of becoming a clinician-scientist. He is a passionate advocate for mental and physical wellbeing and has experience as an operator on Lebanon’s National Crisis Lifeline. He is also interested in medical research, philosophy, and community service. When not occupied with academics and research, he enjoys listening to music, watching anime, hanging out with friends, and playing with his cat, Luna.  

Ami House

Ami House, SHAC Member

Ami House is a sophomore majoring in psychological sciences and minoring in biological sciences and cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. She loves reading books, black cats, and the season fall. She is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant who has previous experience working in different departments of her local hospital. She is very passionate about mental health and believes prioritizing mental health can lead to a more fulfilling life. Ami is passionate about recognizing and addressing student health concerns, as it promotes a healthier, more compassionate, and inclusive environment for everyone.

Caidon Lewis

Caidon Lewis, SHAC member

Caidon is a multifaceted individual with a love for bunnies and a dedication to weightlifting, blending a passion for the cute and the powerful. As a self-proclaimed nerd in the civil engineering department, Caidon navigates the intricacies of academia with enthusiasm. Beyond Caidon’s interests, Caidon extends a friendly ear, always ready to lend support and engage in meaningful conversations with those in need.

Jack Murray

Jonathan (Jack) Murry, SHAC Member

Jack is a long time member of the RPI Players and is the current (Fall 2023) Community Organizer. He loves to learn, so much so that he decided to learn about learning. He loves animals, food, and working in childcare. Currently, he plans to find a career in learning optimization and developmental psychology. 

Tylar Pierce

Tylar is a sophomore computer science and cognitive science dual major. They enjoy drawing, theater, and video games (especially Splatoon 3 and Animal Crossing). When it comes to student health, he’s especially passionate about sexual health education, sexual violence prevention, and accessibility. She can also be found working as the RPI Players secretary.

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