Guidance for Students who are COVID Positive and are at Home

Guidance for Students who are COVID Positive (infected with COVID-19) and are at Home/Away from Campus

  1. Follow your local county health department guidance on isolation and testing.
  2. Send documentation of your positive COVID-19 test, confirming infection with the COVID-19 virus
  3. You will be exempt from campus COVID-19 testing for 3 months from your positive test date.
  4. You can get your COVID-19 booster shot anytime from the day you are released from isolation up until 90-days later (per CDC recommendations).
    • We recommend you receive the booster shot 2 to 3 weeks after leaving isolation.
    • You will be exempt from the campus COVID-19 booster requirement until 90 days after your COVID-19 positive test.
  5. Residential Students: you do not need to get a pre-arrival COVID-19 test before moving on-campus. However, be prepared to show proof of your COVID-19 positive test, at check-in, to demonstrate that you are exempt from testing.
  6. If you will be arriving on campus after arrival week (January 17-22), you do not need to participate in any arrival procedures. Simply move back into you residence (campus or off campus).


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